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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Genetically modified foods in Nigeria: a long-lasting solution to hunger?Olaniyan, S. A.; Bakare, A. A.; Morenikeji, O. A.
Mar-2007Guinea worm disease and its persistence in some rural communities in NigeriaMorenikeji, O. A.; Alade, A. O.; Odaibo, A. B.
Mar-2008Impact of abattoir effluents on surface waters of the Alamuyo stream in IbadanRaheem, N. K.; Morenikeji, O. A.
Sep-2010Knowledge, attitudes and practices about malaria in an urban community in South-western NigeriaAdedotun, A. A.; Morenikeji, O. A.; Odaibo, A. B.
Sep-2009Prevalence and intensity of intestinal parasites in five communities in South-west NigeriaAwolaju, B. A.; Morenikeji, O. A.
Jun-2009Prevalence of intestinal and vector-borne urinary parasites in communities in south-west NigeriaMorenikeji, O. A.; Azubike, N. C.; Ige, A. O.
Sep-2010Progress in dracunculiasis eradication in Oyo State, South-west Nigeria: a case studyMorenikeji, O. A.; Asiatu, A.
2009Progress in dracunculiasis eradication: Ogun State, South-west Nigeria as case studyMorenikeji, O. A.; Adekolu, A.
2005Spatial variation in physical and chemical parameters and benthic macro-invertebrate fauna of river Ogunpa, IbadanAtobatele, O. E.; Morenikeji, O. A.; Ugwumba, O. A.
2011Studies on the prevalence of urinary schistosomiasis in Ogun State, South-western NigeriaMorenikeji, O. A.; Idowu, B. A.
2003The survey of birds in the University of IbadanDehinbo, A. J.; Morenikeji, O. A.
2007Taxa composition, abundance, distribution and diversity of the planktonic organisms of River Ogunpa, Ibadan, NigeriaAtobatele, O. E.; Ugwumba, O. A.; Morenikeji, O. A.