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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06An appraisal of islamic banking movement in NigeriaNoibi, M. A.
2007An assessment of global microfinance models and lessons for muslim practitionersNoibi, M. A.
2012-12Between text and practice: an assessment of al-fida among the yoruba muslims of South West NigeriaNoibi, M. A.
2017-03Challenge of governance in Nigeria: lessons from Muhammad Bello’s "principle of leadership"Noibi, M. A.
2014Crescent visibility and the challenge to muslim unity in NigeriaNoibi, M. A.
2013-04The Institution of waqf as an Instrument of peace and security in NigeriaNoibi, M. A.
2014ISL 433 The concept and practice of islamic bankingNoibi, M. A.; Ahmed, A. F.
2014-04Islamic development bank’s microfinance support programme and the growth of small scale enterprises in NigeriaNoibi, M. A.
2013An islamic strategy for the empowerment of muslim women in NigeriaNoibi, M. A.
2013Islamic teachings on poverty in the light of modern theories and realitiesNoibi, M. A.
2008"My people shall not be poor”: mosque-based microfinance model and poverty alleviation among Nigerian muslimsNoibi, M. A.
2010Political corruption and the Nigerian democratic environment: the role of religionNoibi, M. A.
2016-11The presiding chief imam: From Ismail Ayinla Babatunde Balogun to Dawood Adekilekun Tijani: the growth of University of Ibadan muslim communityNoibi, M. A.
2015The socio-economic impact of al-hayat relief foundation on muslims in Abeokuta, NigeriaNoibi, M. A.; Adewole, A. O.
2012-08Towards an effective management of zakah in Nigeria: lessons from MalaysiaNoibi, M. A.