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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Comparative evaluation of starches obtained from dioscore species as intragranular tablet disintegrantOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.
2015Design of cissus–alginate microbeads revealing mucoprotection properties in anti-inflammatory therapyOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.; Lamprech, A.; Oyagbemi, A. A.; Oridupa, O. A.; Aina, O. O.
2010Effects of water yam and corn starches on the interacting variables influencing the disintegration of chloroquine phosphate tabletsOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.
2010Evaluation of freeze-dried pregelatinized Chinese yam (Dioscorea oppositifolia) starch as a polymer in floating gastroretenive metformin microbeads.Okunlola, A.; Patel, R. P.; Odeku, O. A.
2007-03Evaluation of pharmaceutical and microbial qualities of some herbal medicinal products in South Western NigeriaOkunlola, A.; Adewoyin, B. A; Odeku, O. A.
2011-01Evaluation of starches obtained from four dioscorea species as binding agent in chloroquine phosphate tablet formulationsOkunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.
2017Formulation of metronidazole tablets using hydroxypropylated white yam (dioscorea rotundata) starch as the binding agentOkunlola, A.; Alade, O. O.; Odeku, O. A.
2009Generic versus innovator: Analysis of the pharmaceutical qualities of paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets in the Nigerian marketOkunlola, A.; Adegoke, O. A.; Odeku, O. A.
2013Microbead design for sustained drug release using four natural gumsOdeku, O. A.; Okunlola, A.; Lamprecht, A
2013Potentials of natural polymers as nanomaterials for pharmaceutical drugs deliveryBablola, O. C.; Okunlola, A.; Odeku, O. A.