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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01Are the ‘born-frees’ always politically apathetic? social media use for campus politics by black undergraduates of North-West University, Mafikeng, South AfricaOjebuyi, B. R.; Salawu, A.
2013The concept of communicationOjebuyi, B. R.; Amusa, A. K.
2014-06Conflict of ethical obligation and organisational commitment in secondary content selection by radio stations in Oyo State, NigeriaOjebuyi, B. R.
2015Decongesting the dodgy hub: the role of mass media in curtailing illicit drug trafficking and use in NigeriaOjebuyi, B. R.; Salawu, A.
2006Explaining the effectiveness of community-based crime prevention practices. A case study from NigeriaOjebode A.; Ojebuyi, B. R.; Onyechi, N. J.; Oladapo, O.; Oyedele, O. J.; Fadipe, I. A.
2017Foreign media preference for negative frames in coverage of terrorism in sub-saharan AfricaOjebuyi, B. R.
2018-06Gender bias in media representation of political actors: examples from Nigeria’s 2015 presidential electionOjebuyi, B. R.; Chukwunwike, A. C.
2013Godfatherism, ownership influence and media treatment of political conflicts in Oyo state, NigeriaOjebuyi, B. R.; Ekkennia, C. U.
2017Impacts of the media on African socio-economic developmentNelson, O.; Ojebuyi, B. R.; Salawu, A.
2009Increasing people's knowledge about HIV/AIDS: an investigation into the effectiveness of reading as a communication strategyOjebuyi, B. R.
2017Influence of spousal communication about family planning and HIV/AIDS related issues on modern contraceptive use in NigeriaFagbamigbe, A. F.; Ojebuyi, B. R.
2013-10Listeners' preference and the media's thematic focus on public issues: an exploration of agenda-setting as a two-way processOjebuyi, B. R.
2016Marginalisaing the majority: Nigerian newspaper' covergae of the rural sections in a profit-driven economyOjebuyi, B. R.; Kolawole, R. A.
2015Media and communications industries in Nigeria: impacts of neoliberal reforms between 1999 and 2007Ojebuyi, B. R.
2013Media bais, ethics, and normative limitations: implications for survival of community radio in NigeriaOjebuyi, B. R.
2015Media literacy, Access and political participation among south African black youth: a study of north-west university, Mafikeng campusOjebuyi, B. R.; Salawu, A.
2018-03Mono-method research approach and scholar–policy disengagement in Nigerian communication researchOjebode, A.; Ojebuyi, B. R.; Oladapo, O. A.; Oyedele, O. J.
2011-06Moving beyond numerals: a meta-analysis of research methods and theoretical application in media gatekeeping studiesOjebuyi, B. R.; Ojebode, A.
2017Nature and outcome of Nigeria's #notosocialmediabill twitter protest against the frivolous petitions bill 2015Oladapo, O. A.; Ojebuyi, B. R.
2016Negative rhetoric in the user generated content of Nigerian news mediaOjebuyi, B. R.