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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Attitude of health care workers to the involvement of alternative healthcare providers in the home management of childhood malariaFalade, C. O.; Osowole, O. S.; Adeniyi, J. D.; Oladepo, O.; Oduola, A. M. J.
2005-12Contribution of the indigenous health care givers to the herbal management of febrile illnesses in Rivers state, South-south, NigeriaEbong, O. O.; Ajaiyeoba, E. O.; Ononiwu, I. M.; Eteng, M. J.; Akinbiye, D. O.; Gbotosho, G. O.; Falade, C. O.; Bolaji, O. M.; Oladepo, O.; Osowole, O. S.; Happi, T. C.; Fawole, O. F.; Ogundahunsi, O. A. T.; Agbagwa, I. M.; Oduola, O.; Oduola, A. M. J.
2003Cultural categorization of febrile illnesses in correlation with herbal remedies used for treatment in Southwestern NigeriaAjaiyeoba, E. O.; Oladepo, O.; Fawole, O. l.; Bolaji, A. M.; Akinboye, D. O.; Ogundahunsi, O. A. T.; Falade, C. O.; Gbotosho, G. O.; Itiola, O. A.; Happi, T. C.; Ebong, O. O.; Ononiwu, I. M.; Osowole, O. S.; Oduola, O. O.; Ashidi, J. S.; Oduola, A. M. J.
2008Down the miry clay avenue: engaging the 3/5 auxiliary gearOladepo, O.
2000Effect of peer education on deaf secondary school students' HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and sexual behaviourOsowole, O. S.; Oladepo, O.
2004Efficacy of herbal remedies used by herbalists in Oyo State Nigeria for treatment of Plasmodium falciparum infections a survey and an observationAjaiyeoba, E. O.; Falade, C. O.; Fawole, O. I.; Akinboye, D. O.; Gbotosho, G. O.; Bolaji, O. M.; Ashidi, J. S.; Abiodun, O. O.; Osowole, O. S.; Itiola, O. A.|; Oladepo, O.; Sowunmi, A.; Oduola, A. M. J.
2004Enhancing treatment compliance in the home management of childhood malaria: The use of a participatory approach in ensuring intervention appropriatenessAsa, A.wole, O. S.||Oladepo, O.; Adegbenro, C. A.; Dare, F. O.; Adeniyi, J. D.; Osowole, O. S.; Oladepo, O.
2005Factors associated with malaria treatment failures in IbadanYusuf, O. B.; Oladepo, O.; Odunbaku, S. O.; Alaba, O.; Osowole, O. S.
1995Indigenous surgical practices in rural southwestern Nigeria: implications for disease preventionAjuwon, A. J.; Brieger, W. R.; Oladepo, O.; Adeniyi, J. D.
2007Knowledge dissemination and evaluation in a cervical cancer screening implementation program in NigeriaMiller, D.; Okolo, C. A.; Mirabal, Y.; Guillaud, M.; Arulogun, O. S.; Oladepo, O.; Crain, B.; Follen, M.; Adewole, I. F.
2010The planning and writing of grant-oriented research proposalsBamiro, O. A.; Oladepo, O.; Olayinka, A. I.; Popoola, L.; Soyibo, A.
2005A survey of treatment practices for febrile illnesses among traditional healers in the Nigerian middle belt zoneOsowole, O.; Ajaiyeoba, E.; Bolaji, O.; Akinboye, D.; Fawole, O.; Gbotosho, C. G.; Ogbole, O.; Ashidi, J.; Abiodun, O.; Falade, C.; Sama, W.; Oladepo, O.; Itiola, O.; Oduola, A.