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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The complexity of circulating HIV type 1strains in Oyo state, NigeriaSankale, J.; Langevin, S.; Odaibo, G. T.; Meloni, S. T.; Ojesina, A. I.; Olaleye, D.; Kanki, P.
2015Dyslipidemia in ART-naive infected Persons in Nigeria- implications for careKuti, M. A.; Adesina, O. A.; Awolude, O. A.; Ogunbosi, B. O.; Fayemiwo, S. A.; Akinyemi, J. O.; Adetunji, A. A.; Irabor, A. E.; Odaibo, G. N.; Okonkwo, P.; Taiwo, B. O.; Olaleye, D.; Murphy, R. L.; Kanki, P.; Adewole, I. F.
2010Human Immuno-deficiency Virus and Hepatitis B virus coinfection in pregnancy at the University College Hospital, IbadanAdesina, O.; Oladokun, A.; Akinyemi, O.; Adedokun, B.; Awolude, O.; Odaibo, G. O.; Olaleye, D.; Adewole, J.
2011An improved PCR method for detection of HIV-1 proviral DNA of a wide range of subtypes and recombinant forms circulating globallyWeinder, J.; Cassens, U.; Gohde, W.; Sibrowski, W.; Odaibo, G.; Olaleye, D.; Reichelt, D.; Greve, B.
2009A new affordable flow cytometry based method to measure HIV-1 viral loadGreve, B.; Weidner, J.; Cassens, U.; Odaibo, G.; Olaleye, D.; Sibrowski, W.; Reichelt, D.; Nasadala, I.; Gohde.
2013Prevalenc of abnormal bone minieral density in HIV-positive patients in Ibadan, NigeriaAlonge, T. O.; Okoje-Adesomoju, V. N.; Atalabi, O. M.; Obamuyide, H. A.; Olaleye, D.; Adewole, I. F.
2010Service uptake and performance of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programme in Ibadan, NigeriaOladokun, R. E.; Awolude, O.; Brown, B. J.; Adesina, O.; Oladokun, A.; Roberts, A.; Odaibo, G.; Osinusi, K.; Olaleye, D.; Adewole, I. F.; Kanki, P.
2006Subtypes-specific patterns in HIV type 1reverse transcriptase and protease in Oyo state, Nigeria: implications for drug resistance and Host ResponseOjesina, A. I.; Sankale, J.; Odaibo, G.; Langevin, S.; Meloni, S. T.; Sarr, A. D.; Olaleye, D.; Kanki, P. J.