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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Approaching the study of the Yoruba Diaspora in Northern NigeriaOlaniyi, R.
2005Child Labour and Nigeria’s Informal Economy since the 1990sOlaniyi, R.
2008Diaspora is Not Like Home a Social And Economic History of Yoruba in Kano, 1912-1999Olaniyi, R.
2009Economic Crises and Child Trafficking in Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis of the 1930s and 1990sOlaniyi, R.
2015Economic History of Ibadan, 1830-1930Olaniyi, R.
2015Federalism, oil politics and human security in NigeriaSimbine, A.T.; Aiyede, E.R.; Olaniyi, R.; |Fagge, M.A.
2012Human Migration, Conflict, Security and Sustainable DevelopmentOlaniyi, R.
2013Identity and Solidarity in a Yoruba Diaspora: The Egbe Omo Oduduwa in Northern Nigeria, 1948-1966Olaniyi, R.
2010Mapping the activities of Faith-Based Organisations in Development in NigeriaOdumosu, O.; Alonge, S.; Olaniyi, R.
2003Nationalist Movement in a Multi-Ethnic Community of Sabongari KanoOlaniyi, R.
2009Nigerian Immigrants and Xenophobic Violence in South AfricaOlaniyi, R.
2003No way out: the trafficking of women in NigeriaOlaniyi, R.
2011Ordering Urban Space and Migrants’ Protests in Sabongari, Kano, 1911 - 1960Olaniyi, R.
2008The Pan-African Nation: Oil and the Spectacle of Culture in NigeriaOlaniyi, R.
2005‘Pay Back Time’: Ethno-religious Violence in Nigeria, 1999-2004.Olaniyi, R.
2011The Political Economy of Hausa and Yoruba Conflicts, 1999-2004Olaniyi, R.
2011Religion, Ethics and Attitudes towards Corruption in Nigeria: A Historiographical ReviewAiyede, E. R.; Simbine, A. T.; Fagge, M. A.; Olaniyi, R.
2008Review of Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement ofBlack Americans From the Civil War to World War II.Olaniyi, R.
2008Review of The Nupe and the Origins and Evolution of the YorubaOlaniyi, R.
2009“We Asked for Workers but Human Beings Came”: A Critical Assessment of Policies on Immigration and Human Trafficking in the European UnionOlaniyi, R.