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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Assessment and classification of hazardous street trees in University of Ibadan NigeriaOmole, A. O.; Adetogun, A. C.; Adejumo, R. O.
2011-06Assessment of stakeholders participation in forest road maintenance in a Nigerian forest estate.Omole, A. O.; Udofia, S. L.; Obonyilo, P. O.
2012-06Assessment of technical compliances to landowners guides in forest roads of Oluwa forest reserve Ondo State NigeriaOmole, A. O.; Akinwole, A. O.
2014-03Assessment of variation in the fiber characteristics of the wood of vitex doniana sweet and its suitability for paper productionOgunjobi, K. M.; Adetogun, A. C.; Omole, A. O.
2010Basic practical procedures in wood scienceOgunsanwo, O. Y.; Omole, A. O.
2010Biodegradation of triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum tectona grandis linn, gmelina arborea roxb, nauclea diderichii linn and terminalia ivorensis A. chev by lenzites palisoti Fr.Adetogun, A. C.; Oladapo, F. M.; Omole, A. O.; Ogunjobi, K. M.; Adejumo, R. O.
2011Conversion efficiency in re-saw wood processing mills of Akwa Ibom State, NigeriaOmole, A. O.; Imoh, B. M.
2010-09Damages induced in the woods of some tropical trees during fellingOmole, A. O.
2010Dimensional properties of wood cement panels produced from wood waste of some municipal tree species in University of IbadanOmole, A. O.; Adetogun, A. C.
2014Effect of shelling ratios on the sorption and flexural properties of cement bonded particleboard produced from mixed Nigerian hardwood speciesBadejo, S. O.; Omole, A. O.; Fuwape, J. A.
2010-12Effect of wood properties on incidental damages to felled trees in some selected Nigerian hardwood speciesOmole, A. O.
2012Effectiveness of bioengineering methods of water erosion control in Tarka valley versant , Niger RepublicOmole, A. O.; Oumarou, A.
1999Effects of process variables on the strength properties of veneer laminated cement bonded particle board from mixed tropical hardwoodsOmole, A. O.; Badejo, S. O. O.
2011Environmentally sound wood harvesting in Omo forest reserve Ogun State NigeriaOmole, A. O.
2010-04Ergonomics assessments of forestry operations in Omo Forest Reserve, Ogun State, NigeriaOmole, A. O.; Adetogun, A. C.; Ogunjobi, K. M.
2011-06Felling induced dynamic stresses in some tropical hardwoods from Nigerian lowland rainforestOmole, A. O.
2011Flexural properties of wood cement board fabricated from cropping wastes of urban trees in a Nigerian UniversityOmole, A. O.; Adetogun, A. C.
2012Influence of flake thickness on flexural and moisture properties of wood cement panels fabricated from mixed furnish of eight hardwood speciesBadejo, S. O.; Omole, A. O.
2013-10Investigation of pulping potentials of jatropha curcasOgunjobi, K. M.; Adetogun, A. C.; Soetan, D. O.; Omole, A. O.; Olorunfemi, O.; Odebiyi, J. B.
2008Municipal tree management in a Nigerian universityOmole, A. O.