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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Antihelmintic and anticoccidial effects of zingiber officinale roscoe fortified diets fed yankasa ramsAdeniji, S. A.; Adediran, O. A.; Ososanya, T. O.; Uwalaka, E. C.
2016-06Assessment of in vitro gas and methane production of diet fortified with yeast and lactobacilli sppOsosanya, T. O.; Inyang, U. A.
1999Body dimensions of N’dama cattle in humid South West NigeriaOsosanya, T. O.; Olutogun, O.
2017Body weight changes, haematological and serum biochemical indices of West African (WAD) Dwarf rams fed ammonium sulphate fortified dietsOsosanya, T. O.; Akinlade, A. T.
2016Body weight changes, heamatological and serum biochemical properties of West African dwarf rams fed ginger fortified dietsOsosanya, T. O.
2004Chemical composition and dry matter digestibility of broiler litter based diets in West African dwarf sheepOsosanya, T. O.
2016Effect of ammonium sulphate fortification on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance of West African dwarf ramsAkinlade, A. T.; Ososanya, T. O.
2015Effect of broiler litter supplementation on reproductive performance of West African dwarf sheepOsosanya, T. O.
2010-12Effect of varying levels of broiler litter on growth performance and nutrient digestibility by West African dwarf lambsOsosanya, T. O.
2012-12Effects of groundnut haulms supplementation on intake, digestibility and growth performance of ramsOsosanya, T. O.
2016-06Evaluation of dietary supplementation of ammonium sulphate on in vitro gas production and rumen fermentation characteristics of WAD ewesOsosanya, T. O.; Shehu, S. A.; Inyang, U. A.
2015-09Evaluation of meat characteristics of West African dwarf rams fed graded levels of fungal treated maize cobsAkinfemi, A.; Ososanya, T. O.; Aderiye, J. A.
2013-05An experiment was conducted to compare the utilization of tephrosia candida and leucaena leucocephala in mixtures with Panicum maximum as feed for small ruminants, using the artificial bag technique of feed evaluation. Three West African dwarf (WAD) sheep with rumen cannula were used for the experiment. T. candida was formulated into diets with P. maximum as diets A, B and C while L. leucocephala was formulated into diets with P. maximum as diets D, E and F in the ratio 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3 respectively for both legumes. The degradation characteristics indicated L. leucocephala – based diets as being more (P < 0.05) degradable in the rumen than the T. candida – based diets, with diet D having the highest potential degradability (a+b) value.Odedire, J. A.; Babayemi, O. J.; Ososanya, T. O.
2002Feed intake, digestibility and nitrogen balance of West African dwarf goats fed maize offal and sorghum brewer's grainsOlorunnisomo, O. A.; Ososanya, T. O.
2017Feed intake, nutrient utilization and growth performance of West African Dwarf rams fed silage combinations of maize forage and mucuna pruriens foliageAlabi, B. O.; Ososanya, T. O.
2005Forage yield and nutritive value of sweet potato vines cut at different intervalsOlorunnisomo, O. A.; Odedire, J. A.; Ososanya, T. O.
2017Growth and semen characteristics of West African dwarf rams fed ammonium sulphate supplemented dietsOsosanya, T. O.; Adeniji, S. A.; Aree, O. S.
2006-10Growth haematology and organ histopathology in broilers fed raw and processed velvet bean-based dietsIyayi, E. A.; Ososanya, T. O.; Taiwo, V. O.; Adeniji, O. A.
2016Growth performance and blood profile of gestating wad ewes fed dietary supplementation of ammonium sulphateOsosanya, T. O.; Inyang, U. A.; Shehu, S. A.
2010Haematological evaluation of pregnant ewes fed broiler-litter based dietsOsosanya, T. O.