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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Assessment of Agroforestry Practices as a Land Use Option in Atisbo Local Government Area of Oyo State, NigeriaAzeez, I. O; Popoola, L; Amusa, T.O
2017An assessment of the forest regeneration potential of the taungya system of farming in Oyo State, south-western NigeriaAzeez, I. O; Popoola, L
2013-11Awareness and acceptability of the usefulness and products of jatropha curcas (L.) plant in Kano State, NigeriaUmar, A.F; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2011Community participation and sustainable forest management in Edo StateAzeez, I. O; Popoola, L; Ikponmwonba, S.O
2010Determinants of mass participation in community-based forest management in South-western NigeriaFayenuwo, G. A; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2003-10Forest conservation support communication (FCSC) for community forest development in South Western NigeriaAzeez, I. O; Popoola, L
2000Impact assessment of unified agricultural extension system on agroforestry development in Oyo State, NigeriaAzeez, I. O; Popoola, L; Adebisi, L.A
2013-07Indices of local community participation in forest management in South western NigeriaAzeez, I. O; Fayenuwo, G.A; Popoola, L
2010Land use activities among forest environments’ dwellers in Edo State, Nigeria: implications for livelihood and sustainable forest ManagementAzeez, I. O; Ikponmwonba, O.S; Popoola, L; Amusa, T.O
2009Sanmora: sustainable forest managementPopoola, L; Bamidele, J; Jimoh, S; Azeez, I.O; Fayomi, G; Shoroye, O; Ayansina, M; Adewusi, H.G
2009Socio-economic factors influencing peoples’ participation in forest management in Benue-Plateau region, NigeriaDagba, B.I; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2005-12Stakeholders participation model for forest reserves: the case of Shasha Forest Reserve, Osun State, NigeriaJimoh, S.O; Popoola, L; Azeez, I.O
2011Status of forest reserve and forest management capabilities in Soutrhwestern NigeriaFayenuwo, G. A; Popoola, L; Azeez, I.O
2007Status of local participation in forest resources management in Southwest NigeriaFayenuwo, G. A; Azeez, I.O; Popoola, L
2003Strategic baseline study of Ajasse-Ipo watershed catchement AreaPopoola, L; Amusan, A; Soyombo, O; Fayomi, G; Bamidele, J; Taiwo, L; Adenekan, L; Jimoh, S.O; Azeez, I.O