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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Agro-Industrial by-products and farm wastes for poultry production in Nigeria: challenges and opportunitiesAbu, O. A.; Iyayi, E. A.; Tewe, O. O.
2013-01Growth and carcass characteristics of finishing broilers on acidified blood meal based dietAbu, O. A.; Ogunwole, O. A.; Adedeji, B. S.; Adeboboye, A. V. K.; Tewe, O. O.
2013-03Haematology and serum biochemistry of broilers fed grits from three cassava varieties as replacement for maizeAbu, O. O.; Popoola, A. A.; Kulakow, P.; Tewe, O. O.
2010-09Nutrient utilisation and carcass value of broilers fed palm kernel cake and cassava rations supplemented with ß- mannanaseAdetunji, V. A.; Abu, O. A.; Tewe, O. O.
1999Performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass characteristics of rabbit fed sweet potato based dietsAbu, O. A.; Tewe, O. O.; Bakare, J.
1999Protein enrichment of sweet potato by solid state fermentation using four mono-culture fungiAbu, O. A.; Oguntimein, G. B.; Tewe, O. O.
1998Proximate chemical and fatty acid composition of leaves, fruit pulp and seeds of apple-ring acacia (acacia albida del.) from North- Eastern NigeriaAbu, O. A.; Losel, D. M.; Tewe, O. O.
2008-09The role of sweet potato in livestock farming in NigeriaAbu, O. A.; Tewe, O. O.
1997-09Solid-state fermentation of sweet potato using two monoculture fungi: changes in protein, fatty acid and mineral compositionAbu, O. A.; Losel, D. M.; Tewe, O. O.
1999Suitability of screened fungi for solid state fermentationAbu, O. A.; Losel, D. M.; Onifade, A. A.; Tewe, O. O.
1998Sustainability and development: paradigms from Nigeria's livestock industryTewe, O. O.
2003-06Sweet potato production, utilisation and marketing in NigeriaTewe, O. O.; Ojeniyi, F. E.; Abu, O. A.