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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Al-Jihad al-T'alimi- in search of a united front in Educational Jihad and the experience of Yoruba MuslimsUthman, I. O.
2011Application and practice of the principles of Da 'wah in the age of globalizationUthman, I. O.
2011-06The application of Al-Uqubat in the contemporary society: a re-examination using the maqasid Al-Shari'ah based schemesOloso, K. K.; Uthman, I. O.
2013Book review of Islam and the veil: theoretical and regional contextsUthman, I. O.
2015-06Capacity building for gender equality and women empowerment among muslim women organizations in Ondo StateUthman, I. O.; Adigun, W. F.
2010-01A comparative study of academic teaching of Islam in Nigerian universitiesUthman, I. O.
2011Contribution of Islamic scholars to sustainable human and environmental development: Islam hadhari and future development of muslim countriesUthman, I. O.; Abbass, L. O.; Oloso, K. K.
2011Contributions of islamic scholars to sustainable human and environmental development: islam hadhari and future development of muslim countriesUthman, I. O.; Abbas, L. O.; Oloso, K. K.
2009Contributions of islamic universities to professional ethics: a case study of International Islamic University, Malaysia and Crescent University, AbeokutaUthman, I. O.
2005A Critical evaluation of Ghazzalian and Kantian notions of mysticism and intuition: an Islamic PerspectiveUthman, I. O.
2011Ethical issues in religion: the Islamic perspectiveAbdulrahmon, M. O.; Uthman, I. O.
2016The faces of Muslim/Christian relations: application of the Shari'ah and the rights of muslim women in NigeriaUthman, I. O.
2005-12Feminism in postmodern society: an Islamic perspectiveUthman, I. O.
2009Feminist insiders-outsiders: muslim women in Nigeria and the contemporary feminist movementUthman, I. O.
2012From social justice to Islamic revivalism: an interrogation of Sayyid Qutb's discourseUthman, I. O.
2013History and faces of orthodox islam and muslims in NigeriaUthman, I. O.
2011Islamic financial culture: alternative economic system for rapid and sustainable economic growth in West African countriesAdesina-Uthman, G. A.; Uthman, I. O.; Hassan, T.; Ramadili, S. M.
2010Muslim and contemporary postmodern philosophical issuesUthman, I. O.
2010Muslim and science: contributions of Islamic universities to professional ethicsUthman, I. O.
2014Muslim perception of the modern secular state and the foundations of the Islamic State and commonwealth of nationsUthman, I. O.