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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Building clean cities in Nigeria: an overviewWahab, B.O.
1996Community development associations and self-reliance: the case of lsalu community development union, Iseyin, NigeriaWahab, B.O.
2013Disaster risk management in Nigerian rural and urban settlementWahab, B.O.
2007Elements of Rural HousingWahab, B.O.
2009Handling of biomedical wastesWahab, B.O.; Sridhar, M.K C.
1996"The importance of indigenous organizations to the sustainability of contemporary Yoruba strip-weaving industries in Iseyin, Nigeria "Wahab, B.O.; Wolff, N.H.
2010Improving food security through environmental management in lbadan: The case of the Ayeye communityWahab, B.O.; Sridhar, M.K C.; Ayorinde, A. A.
1996Indigenous knowledge systems and the human settlements: towards integration into education curriculumWahab, B.O.
2006The institutionalization of the environmental planning and management processWahab, B.O.
1995"Learning from craft taxonomies: development and a Yoruba textile tradition. "Wolff, N.H.; Wahab, B.O.
1998The relevance of the environmental planning and management (EPM) process to local government and the responsibilities of the local government: the case of sustainable Ibadan project (sip), NigeriaWahab, B.O.
2008Some aspects of physical planning and development in NigeriaWahab, B.O.
2006Sustainable community-based development project approach in the new millennium: the need for project planners at the local government levelWahab, B.O.
2001Urban designWahab, B.O.