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dc.contributor.authorOlowofela, J. A-
dc.contributor.authorAdegoke, J. A-
dc.contributor.authorAdewumi, O. P-
dc.contributor.authorKamiyole, I. C.-
dc.identifier.otherZuma Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 6(1), pp. 139-149-
dc.description.abstract"This article introduces Monte Carlo methods which are different from conventional numerical methods and show how some of the methods can be applied in Physics to stimulate or solve physical problems, through computer programmes (written in FORTRAN in this case) by using a few examples touching modern and classical physics showing its usefulness. A functional approach to probability and statistics is described for the purpose of this work instead of complete treatment. The importance of good sequence of random numbers with large periods is demonstrated and the methods, in same instance are compared with conventional type and differences pointed out. "en_US
dc.publisherFaculty of Science, University of Abujaen_US
dc.titleContemporary aspects of Monte Carlo methods and simulation in physicsen_US
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