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dc.contributor.authorEwemoje, T. A.-
dc.contributor.authorLateef, S. A.-
dc.contributor.authorAfolayan, S. O.-
dc.identifier.otherJournal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology 6(1), 16-21-
dc.description.abstractGravitational drip irrigation system was developed using available materials. The system consisting of 4.0 1/hr Netafim pressure-compensating emitters was used to irrigate 0.0015 ha of land where sweet corn was planted under variable water applications in a randomised complete block design with three treatments. Treatment one (W1) received water once per week, treatment two (W2) received water twice per week, while third treatment (W3) received water thrice per week. W1 received 229mm per emitter; W2 received 437mm per emitter, while 653mm per emitter was applied to W3 throuqhout the experimentation period. Total biomass yield including bulk weight, stem weight, root weight and cob yield were determined using top loading digital weighing balance. Results obtained which were subjected to statistical analysis at 5% significant level show that there were significant differences in the crop growth, biomass and cob yield. Watering thrice per week resulted in the highest leaf area, plant height, root depth and weight. However, watering twice per week provided the highest fresh weight and cob yield. The trend in biomass yield showed that W2 performed better. Watering twice per week appeared optimum for cultivation of sweet corn during water scarce season in Ibadan, Nigeria.en_US
dc.subjectDrip Irrigation,en_US
dc.subjectAgronomic parameters,en_US
dc.titlePerformance evaluation of drip irrigation system using sweet corn under variable water applicationen_US
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