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dc.contributor.authorAdewale, J. G.-
dc.contributor.authorAmoo, S.A-
dc.identifier.otherJournal of e-learning 7(2), pp. 129-138-
dc.description.abstractThis study investigated the students performance in computer skills in the world of ICT. The research was carried out 20 schools in the southwest, Nigeria. A sample of 1100 JSS three students randomly selected from the 20 schools participated in the study. Computer studies achievement test was used to collect data. The overall results (zonal average) (M = 24.48, i.e. 61.2%). Fourteen schools scored below the zonal average and many of the schools were from Ondo and Ekiti States. One school (representing 33.3%) from Lagos State and two schools (representing 50%) from Ogun state scored below the zonal average. The remaining schools (66.7% and 50%) respectively from Lagos and Ogun scored above the zonal average. Interestingly, three schools out of 8 (37.5%) in Ekiti scored more than the zonal average. About 75% of the students in Ondo State scored below the zonal average. Boys are superior to girls (although the difference is marginal). In order to increase students' performance in computer studies students be exposed to career talk and importance of computer use in school in this era of ICT; government should strenghten the use of ICT along with teaching of computer at this level and the relevant re-training of teachers on the use be instituted.en_US
dc.titleStudents' performance in computer studies: gender implicationsen_US
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