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dc.contributor.authorAtalabi, O. M-
dc.contributor.authorFishman, S. J.-
dc.contributor.authorKozakewich, H. P.-
dc.contributor.authorAlsamarah, A. Y.-
dc.contributor.authorAlomari, A. I.-
dc.description.abstractWe report here the imaging finding of a rare case of a lethal form of gorham disease in a yound female patient. Multimodality imaging findings over 13 years- follow-up demostrated progressive wide spread skeletal and soft tissue abnormalities with permeative osteolysis, pathological fractures and severe sketal deformities. Unusual extensive osseous and soft tissue pneumatosis was illustrated on cross-sectional studies. The progressive nature of this form of gorham disease and the subsequent complications eventually culminated in patients's death.en_US
dc.titleA lethal form of gorham disease associated with extensive musculoskeletal pneumatosis: cse report and review of the literatureen_US
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