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dc.contributor.authorBamgbose, O. A-
dc.identifier.issnWomen Behavioral Issues. 1(2), pp. 70 - 84-
dc.description.abstractIn recent times, cases of sexual assaults on female adolescent girls is growing in prominence .This constitute a serious jeopardy to the adolescent girl in Nigeria . Under the Nigerian Laws, sexual offenses are extensively dealt with . The question however is the fairness of the law to the victim – the adolescent girl . This paper examines the law on some sexual offenses, the process of investigation and prosecution. These issues would be critically examined vis a vis the effect and fairness of the adolescent girl .Finally recommendation would be made on how the law can bring justice to the adolescent girlen_US
dc.titleSexual offences and the law in Nigeria: an injustice to the female adolescenten_US
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