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Title: Effect of CD-ROM on information accessibility and retrieval at University of Ibadan Library.
Authors: Akande, S. O.
Ajala, E. B.
Keywords: University of Ibadan Library
Academic libraries
Information accessibility
Information retrieval
Electronic resources
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Oyo State Chapter of the Nigeria Library Association
Abstract: The University of Ibadan Library had experienced persistent shortage of periodicals books and other technicaliterature. This is the same experience that libraries all over Nigeria is currently undergoing. The introduction of CD-ROM in this libraries has being a relief to this problem. There is an increased awareness and improved patronage of this technology among different categories of researchers including students in the library over the years. Though level of computer literacy of users is still very low nevertheless CD-ROM has provided more access to information and retrieval. This is however in the face of some constraints such as inadequate infrastructures, unrealible but pertient electricity supply etc. Solution to these constraints are suggested.
ISSN: 0189-4412
Nigerian Library and Information Science Review 17(1 and 2), pp. 42-50
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