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Title: Experimental Infestation of rabbits with Amblyomma variegatum larvae:host effects on larval yield, engorged weight and engorgement period
Authors: Ekpenyong, G. D.
Keywords: Rabbits
RabbEngorge infestations
Larval yield
Amblyomma variegatum
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Trop. Anim. Prod. Invest
Abstract: Rabbits infested with Amblyomma variegatum larvae were not able to acquire a resistance which effectively inhibited their feeding. There was no significant diiference in "larval yeild", engorged weight and engorgement period of the larvae harvested from the primary, secondary and tertiary infestations. While enviromental tempreture had a marked influence on the "larval yield", engorged weight and engorgement period of the larvae, the sex of the rabbits did not affect them.
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