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dc.contributor.authorObono, K.-
dc.identifier.otherAFRICANA 5(2), pp. 147-170-
dc.description.abstractThe Nigerian media are key instruments of HIV/AIDS communication. They use different techniques to influence human knowledge, attitude and practice. Through the qualitative approach, the study identified the media and strategies commonly used for HIV/AIDS behavior change communication in Nigeria. It triangulated unobstrusive observation and in-depth interviews through the viewing of selected broadcast, film and outdoor media in South-West Nigeria. In-depth interviews complemented the data. Results revealed the use of social marketing to enhance acceptance, retention and recall of HIV messages. Repetition, context-specific languages, credible sources and integration of advertisement, drama, news and public service announcements increased information availability, affordability, accessibility and comprehension. While entertainment constituted the most used communication method, messages were anchored on HIV/AIDS prevention. Comparatively, findings showed a drastic decreased of HIV information in contemporary Nigeria media and this may have implications for national health development. Hence, there is a need to re-strategize communication and reconstruct media for the maintenance of acquired new behaviours. This is necessary because the media possesses the ability and capacity to improved knowledge, set agenda for public discourse and influence public opinion and policy formulation in the sub-Saharan region.en_US
dc.subjectCommunication strategiesen_US
dc.subjectSocial marketingen_US
dc.subjectBehaviour changeen_US
dc.titleMedia strategies of HIV/AIDS communication for behaviour change in South West Nigeriaen_US
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