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dc.contributor.authorByron, I. P.-
dc.identifier.otherIfe Juris Review 11(1), pp. 41-55-
dc.description.abstractUsing the Women’s Law Clinic, Faculty Law, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, as a case study, this paper examines the use of customary arbitration as a tool for ensuring access to justice. Further, the paper examines the need to have a remedial system of resolving disputes for the good of the society. The remedial system of law is referred to as customary arbitration. The paper identifies the challenges facing access to justice and advances the argument on the perception of access to justice as a human right, as well as the need to promote access to justice especially where people are disadvantaged. The papers concludes examining the effectiveness of customary arbitration in Nigerian community and its applicability as a tool in ensuring access to justiceen_US
dc.publisherDepartment of Jurisprudence and Private Law, Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ifeen_US
dc.subjectCustomary arbitrationen_US
dc.subjectChallenges facing access to justiceen_US
dc.titleCustomary arbitration as a tool for ensuring access to justice for women in Nigeria: a case study of the women’s law clinic, faculty of law, University of Ibadanen_US
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