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Title: Adolescent girl, commercial sex workers and HIV-AIDS awareness
Authors: Emeke, E. A.
Keywords: HIV AIDS
Sex workers
Issue Date: Sep-1996
Publisher: Department of Psychology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Abstract: The objective of the study is to assess the level of awareness of HIV AIDS among adolescent girls commercial sex workers in terms of the existence of HIV-AIDS in Nigeria, and the sex workers' awareness of their vulnerability to HIV-AIDS infection. The study also examined the preparedness of the commercial sex workers to quite the trade. A 20-item questionnaire- HIV-AIDS Awareness Among Commercial Sex Workers- was administered on the 12 adolescent commercial sex workers in the two brothels used for the study. Results indicated a high level of awareness of the existence of HIV-AIDS infection, they do not see themselves quiting the trade since they believe they already have the stigma as sex workers. The findings have implications for designing intervention strategies which can help promote behavioural change in the adolescent sex worker, and help restructure her cognitive make-up regarding her mind set about having a stigma.
URI: ui_art_emeke_adolescent_1996_09
ISSN: 1117-1405
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