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Title: Stress sndrome: cause, symptoms and coping strategies
Authors: Emeke, E. A.
Keywords: Stress syndrome
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Stresses, which can be described as an organism's total response to environmental demands or pressures is conceptualized in this paper as a normal part of life that can help an individual learn and grow. The paper after reviewing some theories of stress from the perspective of the models of stress as stimulus, as response and as process; posits that stress has only one cause, namely: stressors. Stressors are those major events in an individual's daily life that drains the emotions. These stressors differs by way of type, time of happening, situational context and intensity. Though stress can manifest itself physically, emotionally and or mentally depending on the stressors and the types of changes or events being dealt with, the paper x-rayed the three major stages through which stress manifests. The paper concludes by discussing possible coping strategies, which can be employed in dealing wiht stress.
URI: ui_art_emeke_stress_2006
ISSN: 1559-1646
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