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dc.contributor.authorAdedokun, O. A.-
dc.contributor.authorAdejinmi, J. O.-
dc.contributor.authorSadiq, N.A.-
dc.contributor.authorEnibe, O.F.-
dc.descriptionTropical Veterinarian 19(2), 2001. Pp. 63- 67en_US
dc.description.abstractA study was carried out to examine the effects of various antibiotics, salt concentrations and pH on the hatchability of F. gigantica eggs. It was observed that tetracycline concentration of 0.5mg/ml and above inhibited the development and hatching of F. gigantica eggs. Salt concentration of 1% gave low hatchability while 2% concentration and above strictly inhibited the hatching of the eggs. Acidic pH of 3-5 inhibited hatching of F. gigantica eggs while pH of 7-8 promoted hatching of eggs to above 3.4%. The possibility of employing the results of this study to fashion out a control measure against fasciolosis in farm animals is discussed.en_US
dc.publisherTropical Veterinarianen_US
dc.subjectFasciola gigantica Eggen_US
dc.titleEffects of Antibiotics, Salt and pH on the Hatchability of Fasciola Gigantica Eggs: Short Communicationen_US
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