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Title: Partnering for effective educational research for development
Authors: Onuka, A. O. U.
Keywords: Educational research
Research partnership
Trans-border research partnership
Rapid development
Issue Date: Feb-2012
Abstract: That research is a veritable tool for rapid social and economic development is undoubtedly well known globally. That educational researching is fraught with multi-dimensional challenges cannot be over-stressed. That multi-disciplinary approach and public-private, public-public, private-private partnership in educational researching for better and more rapid developmental oriented research results can be taken as given. This paper, therefore, examined the role of partnering for effective educational-developmental oriented researching, highlighting its challenges, and how a collaborative or partnership in educational researching can assist in overcoming these challenges and thus facilitate rapid development of any economy in the world particular emphasis on the sub-region. The paper posits that collaboration in educational researching would engender effective, meaningful and applicable educational research findings that would lift up the quality of education in Nigeria with the concomitant social and economic development in and of Nigeria. It outlines some of the challenges as inadequate level of institutional collaboration and low level of public-private partnership with respect to educational researching, low level of motivation for educational research, low quality of educational researchers due to low level of their training. The paper concludes that collaboration (partnership) in needed in the areas of funding, designing/planning the research, adequate training, institutionalization of partnership in researching and a concerted-to encourage educational inter-disciplinary researching as well as the creation of educational research niche and trans-border educational partnership to engender effective educational researching for rapid social and economic development of West African sub-region.
ISSN: 2141-1905
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