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Title: Challenges of and possible solutions to conducting educational research and evaluation in Nigeria
Authors: Onuka, A. O. U.
Onabamiro, A. T.
Keywords: Educational research
Issue Date: Jan-2011
Abstract: This study was carried out to investigate the challenges facing educational researchers and evaluators in Nigeria and to find possible solutions to such challenges of educational research and evaluation. Three main issues were thus addressed. One hundred and forty-three subjects (academics) conveniently selected from four universities were used. A 33-item questionnaire constructed and validated by the researchers was employed to data in the study. Of the 33 items, 20 were unidentified challenges categorised into four main types: unethical, utilisation, management and mentoring. Only time constrian was not found to pose any serious challenge to research and evaluation in Nigeria. The remaining 19 items on challenges were discovered to have posed serious challenges. These include: lack of academic intergrity on the part of some researchers, non-cooperation by respondents, resposes are not based on knowledge of inquiries made, inadequate funding of research and evaluation (R & E), inadequate knowledge of the essence of R & E, lack of community interest in R & E, conflict between objectives of some R & E and local customs among others. Majority of the respondents ranging from 98.6% to 100% agreed with all the suggested solutions to challenges to educational research and evaluation. It was thus recommended that among other things, research and evaluation policy formulation and implementation mechanism should be set up, that ethical code for conduct of R & E be evolved, that R & E be adequately funded and education research and evaluation bank be established.
ISSN: 116-0381
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