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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Calcium and phosphorus requirements of laying fowls in the warm wet climatesAdeyemo, G. O.; Oluyemi, J. A.; Omojola, A. B.
2017Comparative performance and haematological profile of cockerel chickens debeaked at varied length and at different agesBolarinwa, M. O.; Adeyemo, G. O.; Awodele, O. A.
2016Dietary effect of different drying methods and graded inclusion levels of ginger (zingiber officinale) on the perfonnance and gut morphology of broilersAdeyemo, G. O.; Ogunshote, E. O.; Longe, O. G.
2018Economy of broiler production as influenced by stocking density, protein and energy levels, and seasonAdemulegun, T. I.; Adeyemo, G. O.
2017Effect of Ad-libitum, split and restricted feeding on performance, digestibility and welfare of broiler chickenAdeyemo, G. O.; Badmus, R. T.; Longe, O. G.; Ologhobo, A. D.
2013Effect of dietary biscuit waste on performance and carcass characteristics of broilersAdeyemo, G. O.; Oni O. R.; Longe, O.G.
2016Effect of dietary inclusion of ginger (zingiber officinale) dried with different methods on perfonnance and gut microbial population of broiler chicksAdeyemo, G. O.; Olowookere, I. J.; Longe, O. G.
2017Effect of different feeding patterns on carcass characteristics and primal cuts of broilers chickensAdeyemo, G. O.; Badmus, R. T.
2012The effect of Neem and pawpaw leaves supplementation on blood profile of broilersAkaninu, M.A.; Adeyemo, G. O.
2016Effect of stocking density on the perfonnance, carcass yield and meat composition of broiler chickensAdeyemo, G. O.; Fashola, O. O.; Ademulegun, T. I.
2011Effect of stocking density on the welfare, haematology and serum biochemical indices of broiler chickensAdeyemo, G. O.; Fashola, O. O.; Ademulegun, T. I.
2018Effect of water electrolyte supplementation on perfonnance, serum and haematological indices of broiler chickens under heat-stressed conditionAdeyemo, G. O.; Sulaiman, A. K.; Tanimowo, D. A.; Longe, O. G.
2017Effects of stocking density and season on growth performance and welfare of broiler chickens in Ibadan, NigeriaAdemulegun, T. I..; Adeyemo, G. O.; Salako, A. E.
2016-05Effects of stocking density, energy and protein content on perfonnance of broiler chickens raised during late wet seasonAdemulegun, T. I.; Adeyemo, G. O.
2004Evaluation of the effects of variation in ingredient composition on the eating qualities of suya.Omojola, A. B.; Kassim, O. R.; Adewumi, M. K; Ogunsola, O. O; Adeyemo, G. O.; Adeshiyan A. B.
2011Foraging behaviour responses in the African giant land snail achatina achatinaEbenso, I. E.; Adeyemo, G. O.
2017Growth performance and internal organs morphology of broiler chickens fed kenaf seed mealAdeyemo, G. O.; Bamigboye, O. A.; Idahor, K. O.
2015Gut morphology and internal organs of broiler birds fed graded levels of bio-detheobrominized cocoa bean shell (CBS) based dietsAdeyemo, G. O.; Ajayi, A. O; Longe O. G; Olubamiwa, O.
2015-07Haematological and Serum Biochemical response of broiler chicks fed diets containing ginger (zingiber officinale) from different processing methodsAdeyemo, G. O.; Olowookere, I. J.; Longe, O. G.
2015Influence of varying energy and protein levels on the performance and feed cost of broiler chickensAdeyemo, G. O.; Madamidola, M. T.; Ademulegun, T. I.