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Title: Economy of broiler production as influenced by stocking density, protein and energy levels, and season
Authors: Ademulegun, T. I.
Adeyemo, G. O.
Keywords: Economy
Stocking density
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This study was carried out to assess the effect of stocking density, protein and energy levels, and season on the economy of broiler production. In a 6x3x2 factorial arrangement using completely randomized design, six diets with three metabolisable energy (ME kcal;/kg) and two crude protein(%) levels combination: 3106.00 and 23.00 (control, diet 1); 3112.00 and 21.70 (Diet 2); 2928.00 and 23.40(Diet 3); 2933.00 and 21.90(Diet 4); 3227.00 and 23.10(Diet 5); 3230.00 and 21.80 (Diet 6), were formulated. Three stocking densities (birds per m2):10, Low SD (LSD); 12, Recommended SD(RSD); and 14, High SD (HSD), were used in Late Wet Season (LWS), August-November) and Late Dry Season(LDS, February-April). In a seven-week feeding trial, 576 one-week old broilers were assigned to the respective diets and stocking densities, at 32 birds per treatment, in each season. Live weight per m2 (LW/m2, kg), Feed cost per live weight (FC/LW, kg), Gross margin/m2 (GM/m2, N Total Variable Cost/m2 (TVC/m2), were assessed. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and ANOVA at α0.06.The LW/m2 was highest (p>0.05) for birds on HSD in both seasons. Birds on diet 4 had highest LW/m2 and lower FC/LW during LWS, while those on diet 1 had highest LW/m2 and lower FC/W during LDS. Birds raised on HSD had highest LW/m2 during both seasons, while those raised during LDS had highest Gm/m2. Late dry season (LDS), RSD&HSD had higher Gm/m2. Total Variable Cost was highest for LWS at HSD and least for LDS at LSD. Broiler production is more profitable during late dry season at stocking 14 birds/m2 with diet containing 3106 MEkcal/kg and 23.0% crude protein.
Description: Proceeding of the 43rd Annual Conference of Nigerian Society for Animal Production, March 18th-22nd 2018, FUT Owerri, pp. 1141-1143
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