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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-12Automation of libraries in Nigeria: the preliminaries, implications and constraintsAkinde, T. A.
2008-01Computer accessibility among staff and students as a factor in realising an ict-compliant FUTONwogu, J. E.; Akinde, T. A.; Onyebinama, C. O.
2009Constraints to book publishing in Nigeria: a case study of Imo StateAkinde, T. A.
2007-05Constraints to continuing education of practising librarians in academic libraries in Imo StateAkinde, T. A.
2007-09Digitized local content: a tool for cultural preservation and transmissionNwogu, J. E.; Akinde, T. A.
2017-02Effect of lecturers' attitude on use of educational support systems for teaching in university-based library schools in NigeriaAkinde, T. A.; Adetimirin, A. E.
2011-12Factors affecting the attitude of librarians towards research in library and information science: a case study of Imo State, NigeriaAkinde, T. A.; Nse, J.
2011The fading distinctiveness in the roles of author, publisher and bookseller in book development: implications for the emerging information society and Nigerian book industryAkinde, T. A.; Nwogu, J. E.
2013Getting the best out of continuing education: some tips for practising librarians in NigeriaAkinde, T. A.
2008Indigenous knowledge dissemination and use: a discussAkinde, T. A.
2018Kenneth Dike Library (KDL) users in historic perspectives: a statistical study of use and users' behaviour over timeAkinde, T. A.; Osagie, O.; Okoroma, F. N.
2017Perceived usefulness as a correlate of extent of information and communications technologies (ICTs) use for teaching by library educators in universities in NigeriaAkinde, T. A.; Adetimirin, A. A.
2007-09Public libraries: the often forgotten agent of national developmentAkinde, T. A.; Osundu, M. C.
2016-05Theoretical modelling to explain lecturers’ use of educational support systems for teaching in university based library schools in Nigeria: extending the technology acceptance model (TAM)Akinde, T. A.
2006Towards implementing the WSIS agenda in NigeriaAkinde, T. A.
2016-07Types and use of educational support systems by library educators in universities in Nigeria: towards quality and effective teaching practicesAkinde, T. A.