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Title: Types and use of educational support systems by library educators in universities in Nigeria: towards quality and effective teaching practices
Authors: Akinde, T. A.
Keywords: Educational Support Systems
Use of ESS
Library Educator
Library Schools
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Academic Research Journals
Abstract: This work is a review of the different types of Educational Support Systems (ESS) useful for teaching and the various ways they can be applied for teaching. Rationales for the use of ESS for teaching in the university-based library schools in Nigeria were provided while literature relevant to the study were reviewed to relate past research studies, opinions and thoughts to the discussion. An exposition was done on the importance and benefits of these resources when applied to teaching in the library schools. Finally, the author concluded that the selection and acquisition of software and related activities will demand a high level of computer, digital and information literacies from the educators and it may require their learning and understanding, once and again, the principles of courseware design and the relevance of different applications to the instructional task at hand, in order to shift the paradigm to ESS-enabled dynamic and interactive teaching and learning environment where there will be excitement, individuality and yet collaboration.
ISSN: 2360-7858
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