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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-03A Comparative study of prisoners and non-prisoners on temperamental attributes: implication on crime commissionAnimasahun, R. A.
2002-06Differential effectiveness of two creativity techniques in enhancing creativity motivation of some Nigerian adolescent prisonersAnimasahun, R. A.
2007Effectiveness of emotional intelligence education in enhancing positive life skills of Nigeria prison inmatesAnimasahun, R. A.
2017-03Emotional intelligence in the work placeAnimasahun, R. A.
2010-11Emotional intelligence, conflict resolution skills as correlates of marital stability among couples in Lagos State, NigeriaAnimasahun, R. A.; Oladeni, O.O.
2014-05Employing creativity skills in the delivery of academic content: focus on effective teaching and evaluation for sustainable development in the third world nationsAnimasahun, R. A.
2012Fostering life skills of Nigerian university undergraduates using creativity and entrepreneurship trainingsAnimasahun, R. A.
2016Goal setting, time planning and management as life prerequisites for success the perspective of a counsellorAnimasahun, R. A.
2011Influence of marital discord, separation and divorce on poor academic performance of undergraduate students of University of IbadanAnimasahun, R. A.
2010-02Intelligent quotient, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence as correlates of prison adjustment among inmates in Nigeria prisonsAnimasahun, R. A.
2015Knowledge economy and security: The Nigerian situationAnimasahun, R. A.
2007-03Measured effect of emotional intelligence education in the remediation of aggressive behaviours among members of the NURTW in Ibadan metropolisAnimasahun, R. A.
2017Psycho-social factors influencing the psychological wellbeing of retirees in IbadanAnimasahun, R. A.
2011-05Psychosocial predictors of adolescents' violence in Ibadan metropolis, Oyo State, NigeriaAnimasahun, R. A.; Aremu, O.
2009-07Some correlates of teaching effectiveness among secondary school teachers in IbadanAnimasahun, R. A.; Ogunwuyi, B.O.