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Title: A Comparative study of prisoners and non-prisoners on temperamental attributes: implication on crime commission
Authors: Animasahun, R. A.
Keywords: Prisoners
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: Woeli-Codat Publishing Services, Ghana
Abstract: The study compared the temperamental attributes of prisoners with non-prisons to determine particular temperamental areas where prisoners excelled as well as the least possessed by them compared with the non-prisoners. One hundred inmates of Agodi prison as well as One hundred non prisoners in Ibadan participated in the study. The main instrument used for the study was a structured temperamental questionnaire adapted from Honk (2004), t-test statistic was used to analyze the four tested hypotheses. The results revealed that no Significant difference existed between prisoners and non-prisoners on temperamental attributes; however, the mere fact prisoners excelled on choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic temperaments based on means and SD results calls for attention, and recommendation were made towards conscious remediation of temperamental excesses
ISSN: 0892-21786
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