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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attitude of students to clinical legal education: a case study of faculty of law, University of Ibadan.Adewumi, A. A.; Bamgbose, O. A.
2015The cane, the pain and the punishment: corporal punishment in perspectiveBamgbose, O. A.
1998Child labour and effects of the economic climate on the rights of a child in contemporary NigeriaBamgbose, O. A.
2002Cultism and youth in higher institutionsBamgbose, O. A.
2017Human organ trade: trending issues and the relationship to access to justiceBamgbose, O. A.
1997-08The impact of law on female education in NigeriaBamgbose, O. A.
2012Intellectual property policyBamgbose, O. A.; Akintola, S. O.; Lokulo-Sodipe, J.; Aiyelari, E. A.; Adebowale, K. O.; Oke, G.; Adegoke, G. O.; Oyebola, M.
2017Law clinics and advocacy within the university community: risks and benefitsBamgbose, O. A.; Tafita, F.
2002-11Laws and practices relating to women's inheritance rights in Nigeria: an overviewBamgbose, O. A.
2013The new evidence act 2011: type or shadow of the old act?Bamgbose, O. A.
2017The Nigeria legal profession then, now and future; the changing natureand character of a professionBamgbose, O. A.; Tafita, F.
2017An outline of natural and man made disasterBamgbose, O. A.
1995The protection of Nigerian citizens from arbitrary arrestBamgbose, O. A.
1995Qualitative investigation of local participatory structures and good governance in Oyo stateUgbede, I. B.; Bamgbose, O. A.
2014Re-evaluating the juvenile/chiid justice system in NigeriaBamgbose, O. A.
2001Reproductive behaviors effects of high-tech work demands on women's reproductive behaviorUgbede, I. B.; Bamgbose, O. A.
2010The sentence, the sentencer, the sentenced: towards prison perform in NigeriaBamgbose, O. A.
2012Sexual Harassment PolicyBamgbose, O. A.; Odejide, A.; Odebode, S.; Ukpokolo, F.; Egbokhare, A.; Lewis, A.; Obutte, P.; Akeredolu, A.; Oyewunmi, S.; Okunuga, O.
2012The University of Ibadan gender policyOdejide, A.; Bamgbose, O. A.; Ukpokolo, F.; Odebode, s.; Egbokhare, A.; Lewis, A.; Obutte, P.; Akeredolu, A.; Oyewunmi, S.; Okunuga, O.