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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-09Adolescent girl, commercial sex workers and HIV_AIDS awarenessEmeke, E. A
1995An appraisal of medical institutions and medical professionals in NigeriaEmeke, E. A
2004Appraising survival of primary education- a task for allEmeke, E. A
2000Appraising the role of reproductive health, family planning, maternal and child care in the context of population stablization in AfricaEmeke, E. A
2004-09The boy-child school drop-out problem in Nigeria: strategic analysis and priorities for intervention.Uwakwe, C. B. U.; Emeke, E. A
1992Cognitive change procedure in resolving test anxiety in studentsEmeke, E. A; Yoleye, T. W
2005Combating boys' drop-out rate in Nigeria:an evaluation of strategies that workEmeke, E. A; Adegoke, B. A
1992Current research trends in the teaching and learning of science implications for secondary school teachersEmeke, E. A
2006Determinant of students' cognitive achievement in senoir secondary school physics: how important is test response mode?Emeke, E. A; Adegoke, B. A
2006-07Effect of indirect and direct teacher influence on dependent-prone students learning outcomes in geometryEmeke, E. A; Adegoke, B. A
2002-04The effect of water, environmental sanitation(WES) and hygiene on girls' education in NigeriaEmeke, E. A
2006Evaluation of teachers' knowledge of the objectives of the Nigerian integrated science programme and implementation strategies: implications for pedagogical practicesEmeke, E. A; Odetoyinbo, B. B
1999Global view of activities of UNICEF on child survival, protection and developmentEmeke, E. A
1995-12Humility in religion and psychologyEmeke, E. A
2001Impact of cost recovery on quality, access and utilization of education servicesEmeke, E. A
2000-01An investigation into the effect of locus of control on the adjustment of foreign students at university of Ibadan, Ibadan, NigeriaEmeke, E. A; Yoleye, T. W
2006Locus of control, self-concept and emotional intelligence as correlates of academic achievement among adolescents in senior secondary schools in Oyo stateEmeke, E. A; Adeoye, H. A.; Torubeli, V. A.
1991-12Nigerians coping with stress:age, sex and religious variationsEmeke, E. A
1978An overview of the psychological theories of career development and choiceEmeke, E. A
1978An overview of the psychological theories of career development and choiceEmeke, E. A