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Title: Global view of activities of UNICEF on child survival, protection and development
Authors: Emeke, E. A
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Journal of School Health Education
Abstract: United Nations children Education Fund(UNICEF) has invovled itself in a number of programmes. This paper, however, focuses mainly on those programmes directly related to child survival namely: health, nutrition, Water and Enviromental Sanitation(WES). The issues of child labour abandoned children and children with disabilities are the focus when discussing UNICEF's activities in the area of child protection. Education is touched on as a direct correlate of UNICEF's involvement in child development. Since the paper is taking a global view of UNICEF's activities, it does not concerntrate on any country per se. Focus on any particular country, be it Nigeria or any other one will be necessary if country programmes and activities were being discussed. Though the paper points out clearly that UNICEF has achieved quite a lot of successes in the paper's programmes of focus in many countries, the paper concluded by calling on UNICEF not to rest on its oars since there is still a lot more that can be achieved; and also that country governments, NGOs and other well meaning individuals should join hands with UNICEF to protect and develop the child, thereby seeing to his survival
ISSN: 1117-9929
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