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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Assessing environmental impact of wastes from animal husbandary practices in a tropical environmentEwemoje, T. A.; Ewemoje, O. E.
2006Assessment of pollution effect of direct use of poultry faecal waste in fish pondsOgedengbe, K; Ewemoje, T. A.
2011Best distribution and plotting positions of daily maximum flood estimation at Ona River in Ogun-Oshun River Basin, NigeriaEwemoje, T. A.; Ewemooje, O. S.
2010-06Comparative evaluation of climatic data observation methods in Ibadan, NigeriaEwemoje, T. A.; Ewemooje, O. S.
2011Cradle- to-gate life cycle assessment of poultry production systemEwemoje, T. A.; Omotosho, O. A.; Abimbola, O. P.
2005-02Design of a gravitational drip irrigation systemEwemoje, T. A.
2004Design, construction and performance evaluation of a drip irrigation systemEwemoje, T. A.; Adewole, O. A.; Enujowo, O. O.
2001Determination of discharge coefficient of rectangular side weirsOgedengbe, K; Ewemoje, T. A.
1998The development and evaluation of a flat-type wooden incubatorEwemoje, T. A.; Olorunnisola, A. O.
2011-03Evaluation of three methods for estimating leaf area index of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)Ewemoje, T. A.; Raji, A. O.
2006Groundwater recharge estimation from modified soil moisture balance approach at the University Of Ibadan, lbadan, Nigeria.Ewemoje, T. A.; Oluwalogbon, D. O.
2012Hatchery production optimisation using Monte Carlo approachEwemoje, T. A.; Ewemooje, O. S.
2011Life cycle assessment of point-of-lay birds to frozen chicken production in Southwestern NigeriaEwemoje, T. A.; |Abimbola, O. P.; Omotosho, O. A.
2008-05Modelling and simulation of ephemeral streamflow in Ibadan, NigeraEwemoje, T. A.; Sangodoyin, Y.
2009Modelling interconnectedness of subsurface flow processes from a simple conceptual infiltration modelEwemoje, T. A.; Sangodoyin, A. Y.
2006On the adequacy of evapotranspiration estimate using Priestly-Taylor's approachEwemoje, T. A.; Sangodoyin, A. Y.
2008Optimum soil conditioning for Celosia Argentea propagation subjected to irrigation schedulingEwemoje, T. A.; Majekodunmi, J. O.
2012Partial root zone drying application in the propagation of vegetable in Northern NigeriaAbimbola, O. P.; Ewemoje, T. A.
2007Performance evaluation of drip irrigation and fertigation system for sweet maize and telfairia occidentalisAfolayan, S. O.; Ewemoje, T. A.; Lateef, S. A.; Ajayi, E.
2006Performance evaluation of drip irrigation system using sweet corn under variable water applicationEwemoje, T. A.; Lateef, S. A.; Afolayan, S. O.