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Title: Performance evaluation of drip irrigation and fertigation system for sweet maize and telfairia occidentalis
Authors: Afolayan, S. O.
Ewemoje, T. A.
Lateef, S. A.
Ajayi, E.
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications, Swizerland
Abstract: Studies were conducted to evaluate the performance of drip irrigation and fertigation system on the yields of sweet maize and telfairia occidentalis. Three treatments: watering once per week (6.38 litres) (WI), twice (11.66 litres) (W2) and thrice (17.16 litrcs) (W3) were applied to sweet maize. Four treatments: 12 litres (WI), 15 litres (W2) 17.0 litres (W3), 22.05 litres (W4) and four fertigation levels: 54.6kg/ha (F1); 68.06kg/ha (F2); 81.92kg/ha (F3) and 95.39kg/ha (F4) were applied to telfairia occidentalis. Growth and yield of the crops were monitored. W2 was optimum for sweet maize cultivation while (F2W2) was recommended for telfairia occidentalis.
ISSN: 1022-6680
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