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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The application of artificial neural networks to mapping of wind speed profile for energy application in NigeriaFadare, D. A.
2009-11Application of Neuro- Fuzzy to palm oil production processOdior, A. O.; Fadare, D. A.
2009An artificial neural network model for forecasting daily global solar radiation in Ibadan, NigeriaFadare, D. A.; Olugasa, T. T.
2009Artificial neural network model for prediction of friction factor in pipe flowFadare, D. A.; Ofidhe, U. I.
2008-11Artificial neural network modeling of heat transfer in a staggered cross-flow tube type heat exchangerFadare, D. A.; Fatona, A. S.
2012-04Artificial neural network predictive modeling of uncoated carbide tool wear when turning NST 37.2 steelAsafa, T. B.; Fadare, D. A.
2012Assessment of household energy utilization in Ibadan, Southwestern NigeriaWaheed, M. A.; Oni, A. O.|; Fadare, D. A.; Sulaiman, M. A.
2005Briquetting of wood and agricultural wastes for energy productionIgbeka, J. C.|; Popoola, L.; Ajayi, S. S.; Onilude, M. A.; Olorunisola, O. A.; Raji, A. G.; Afrifa, E. S. D.; Fadare, D. A.
2011-01Comparative analysis of different inocular conditions on the performance of a bioreactor in the treatment of operationally exhausted metal working fluids (MWFs)Ogunjobi, A. A..; Fadare, D. A.; Dauda, O. F.; Fagade, O. E
2009-07Development and application of a machine vision system for measurement of surface roughnessFadare, D. A.; Oni, A. O.
2009-06Development and application of a machine vision system for measurement of tool wearFadare, D. A.; Oni, A. O.
2010Development of a computer aided software for power transmission shaft design with multiple criteriaFadare, D. A.; Akanbi, O.Y.
2008Development of indigenous manufacturing infrastructure in Nigeria: a case: study of the pace-setter organic fertilizer plantFadare, D. A.; Bamiro, O. A.; Adeoye, G. O.; Sridhar, K. C.
2011Effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties and microstructure of NST 37-2 steelFadare, D. A.; Fadara, T. G.; Akanbi, O. Y.
2009Effect of moisture content on cracking characteristics of African walnut (Tetracarpidium Conophorum)Fadare, D. A.; Aransiola, S. O.
2009Effects of cutting parameters on surface roughness during high-speed turning of Ti-6AI-4V AlloyFadare, D. A.; Sales, W. F.; Ezugwu, E. O.; Bonney, J.; Oni, A. O.
2006-06Energy analysis for production of powdered and pelletised organic fertilizer in NigeriaFadare, D. A.; Bamiro, O. A.; Oni, A. O.
2009Energy analysis of an organic fertilizer plant in Ibadan, NigeriaFadare, D. A.; Bamiro, O. A.; Oni, A. O.
2010Energy and cost analysis of organic fertilizer production in NigeriaFadare, D. A.; Bamiro, O. A.|.; Oni, A. O
2010-12Energy and exergy analyses of malt drink production in NigeriaFadare, D. A.; Nkpubre, D. O.|.; Oni, A. O; Falana, A.; Waheed, M. A.; Bamiro, O. A