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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Attitude towards public transport infrastructure use and maintenance in NigeriaIpingbemi, O
2011-12The burden of hospitalization of road crash victims in a secondary health care facility in Oyo, NigeriaIpingbemi, O; Dandy, O. A
2007-03Car wash service in Nigerian's road transport system: evidence from IlorinArosanyin, G.T; Ipingbemi, O
2011An empirical investigation into urban informal tire repair service in Ilorin, NigeriaArosanyin, G.T; Ijaiya, G.T; Oludoyi, S.B; Ajayi, M. A; Ipingbemi, O
2015EnvironmentSanni, L; Ipingbemi, O; FaIola, O
2008Exploring labour-based approach for rural road maintenance in NigeriaIpingbemi, O
2013-06Exploring the trip chaining behaviour of women using public transportation in Ibadan, NigeriaIpingbemi, O; Adepoju, R.F
2014Green transport for Nigerian citiesIpingbemi, O
2007Housing project planning and developmentSanni, L; Ipingbemi, O
2016In-land water based transport in Lagos State: challenges and remediesAkinbamijo, O; Ipingbemi, O; Bayode, T
2009-10Integrated rural accessibility Planning: feasible option for rural access planning in NigeriaIpingbemi, O
2006Is the carnage on our roads justified?Ipingbemi, O
2006-02Issues of concern in road transport system in NigeriaIpingbemi, O
2013Journey to school, safety and security of school children in Benin City, NigeriaIpingbemi, O; Aiworo, A.B
2015Mobility challenges and transport safety of people with disabilities (PWDs) in Ibadan, NigeriaIpingbemi, O
2011-03Neglected issues in road crashes in sub-sahara Africa: the example of NigeriaIpingbemi, O
2015-03Observed automobile drivers' mobile phone use rates in Ibadan metropolis, NigeriaIpingbemi, O; Oyemami, O
2013Pedestrian mobility and constraints in the dormitory suburbs of Agbowo and Orogun in IbadanOmirin, O.J; Ipingbemi, O; Efeni, O
2012-03The rate of compliance to seat belt usage among automobile drivers on three categories of roads in Nigeria: an observatory surveyIpingbemi, O
2011-09Rate of Compliance with Crash Helmets Use by Powered Two-Wheelers in NigeriaIpingbemi, O; Ajala, A. T