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Title: In-land water based transport in Lagos State: challenges and remedies
Authors: Akinbamijo, O
Ipingbemi, O
Bayode, T
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Transportation is an essential need for humanity, be it land, air or sea based. It should devoid of operational handicaps. However, in Lagos State, In-land water based transportation encounters various kinds of impairments ranging from human induced to natural cause. To this end, this study explores the challenges encountering In-land water based transportation system in Lagos state. Adopting survey research design, both secondary and primary data were employed for the study. Secondary data were sourced from libraries, journals and relevant institutions such as Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) wherein patronage data was gotten, while primary data were gotten through field observations, interview and structured questionnaires. Total of 228 (0.05%) users in three most patronized jetties, one each in a local government were purposively sampled, and administered a set of questionnaires, using accidental sampling technique. The study hypothesized that In-land water based transportation varies significantly between the Local governments areas (P=0.000). However, they encountered similar challenges according to findings. The study revealed that 34.6% of the respondents complained of the presence of water hyacinth. 44.3% of the respondents complained of poor safety measures. 26.8% of the respondents suggested clearing of the water hyacinth. 25.0% of the respondents suggested that the obstacles can be resolved through adequate funding and investment on Inland Waterways Transportation. This study recommends an integrated control method which is biological and mechanical removal of the water hyacinth for easy navigation on the waterways.
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