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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Accurate safty zone detemination during gas flaringIsmail, O. S.; Fagbenla, R. O.
2009Aircraft Disasters- roles of materialsAsafa, T. B.; Durowoju, M. O.; Ismail, O. S.
2012Analyses and modeling of laminar flow in pipes using numerical approachIsmail, O. S.; Adewoye, G.T
2011Assessment of large-scale motion in turbulent boundary layer subjected to a short roughness stripOyewola, M. O; Ismail, O. S.; Adaramola, M. S.
2011Design and construction of a 5kW turbine for a proposed micro hydroelectric power plant installation at Awba dam University of IbadanAjuwape, T.; Ismail, O. S.
2009Dynamic modelling of a vapour compression air conditioner systemAjabge, I. O.; Ismail, O. S.
2012-07Effects of pipes corrugated shapes on the friction factorIsmail, O. S.; Tairu, O.O
2012Global impact of gas flaringIsmail, O. S.; Umukoro, G.E
2012-04Numerical simulation of non-premised turbulent methane-air combustionErinfolami, O. A.; Ismail, O. S.; Oyewola, O.
2012Numerical Simulation of thermal behaviour of buildingsIsmail, O. S.; Ayoola, R.B
2011-06Optimal parameter in theeconomic pipeline distribution of jatropha oilDurowoju, M. O.; Ismail, O. S.; Oladosu, K. O.
2012Performace assessment of installed solar PV system: a case study of Oke-Agunla in NigeriaIsmail, O. S.; Ajide, O.O; Akingbesote, F.
2012-07Performance evaluation and environmental impact assessment of systems with waste exergy emissionsIsmail, O. S.; Adewole, O.S