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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Application of Multiple Use Models, in Sustainable Forest Management PlanningJimoh, S.O.
2013Assessment of Tree Diversities in Oban Division of the Cross River National Park (CRNP), NigeriaAdeyemi, A.A.; Jimoh, S.O.; Adesoye, P.O.
2015Biofuel initiatives in West Africa and the Sahel: potential for successPopoola, L.; Larwanou, M.; Jimoh, S.O.
2011Can Ntfps Help Eradicate Poverty? A Case Study from Tropical Lowland Rainforest of Southwest NigeriaAmusa, T.O.; Babalola, F.D.; Jimoh, S.O.; Popoola, L.
2014Comparative Assessment of Pathological Condition of Selected Mahogani TreesOnefeli, A.O.; Jegede, O.; Oyedeji, F.; Adegoke, F.; Adegeye, A. O.; Jimoh, S.O.
2005Contributions Of Locust Bean (Parkia Biglobosa, Jacque Benth) Seeds Production And Marketing To The Household Economy Of Kajola Local Govemment Area, Oyo State, Nigeria,Jimoh, S.O.; Adedokun, A.A.
2003Critical Factors in Willingness to Participate in Forest Management: The Case of Gambari Forest Reserve, Oyo State Nigeria.Jimoh, S.O.; Falade, O.F.
2011Ethnobotany of Some Selected Medicinal PlantsOfori, D. A.; Gyimah, A.; Obiri-Darko, B.; Adam, K. A.; Addae, A.; Jimoh, S.O.
2012Farmers’ Preferences for Tree Species on Agroforestry System in Ijebu North Local Government Area, Ogun State, NigeriaMustapha, R.I.; Jimoh, S.O.
2001Mangrove Degradation in the Coastal Southeast of Nigeria: Causes, Effects and Remedies for the FutureJimoh, S.O.
2005Non-Timber Forest Products and Sustainable Forest Management in NigeriaJimoh, S.O.; Adebisi, L. A.
2005Non-Timber Forest Products in Phytomedicine and Culinary UsesJimoh, S.O.
2013Population pattern and phenological behaviours for selected medicinal plants in Nigeria; implications for ex-situ conservationOni, P.I.; Jimoh, S.O.; Adebisi, L.A.
2016Population structure and threats to sustainable management of woody plant species in a Semi-Arid Agro-Ecosystem in NigeriaDauda, T.H.; Jimoh, S.O.; Azeez, I.O.
2005Potentials of seedling growth parameters as selection indices in Tetrapleura tetraptera (Schum & Thonn) Taub. from Southwestern NigeriaJimoh, S.O.
2014Production of wine from the fruit pulp of African star apple (Chrysophyllum albidum G.Don,)Jimoh, S.O.; Adeniyi, T.E.; Oladele, A.T.
2002Prospects of Community Participation in the Management of Shasha Forest Reserve, Osun State, NigeriaJimoh, S.O.; Azeez, I.O.
2004Reconnaissance Survey of The Wildlife Sanctuary of Stubb’s Creek Forest Reserve, Akwa Ibom State, NigeriaPopoola, L.; Jimoh, S.O.; Alarape, A. A.
2005Stakeholder Participation Model for Forest Reserves: The Case of Shasha Forest Reserve, Osun State, NigeriaJimoh, S.O.; Popoola, L.; Azeez, L.O.
2008Structural Characteristics of Borassus Aethiopum (Mart) Non-Timber Forest Products Markets in North-Eastern NigeriaTee, T.N.; Popoola, I.; Jimoh, S.O.