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Title: Structural Characteristics of Borassus Aethiopum (Mart) Non-Timber Forest Products Markets in North-Eastern Nigeria
Authors: Tee, T.N.
Popoola, I.
Jimoh, S.O.
Keywords: "Market, Structure
Borassus aethiopum
Marketing efficiency
Coefficient of inequality"
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: The Forestry Association of Nigeria
Abstract: This study analyzed the market structure of three products of Borassus aethiopum (a non-timber forest product); mats, hypocotyls and fruits in North-eastern Nigeria to ascertain their distributional efficiency. This was determined using market concentration and experience in trade. Market concentrations were deduced by adopting the Lorenz curves and Gini-coefficient of inequality. Data were generated with semi-structured questionnaires administered on 210 respondents, and market surveys. The result revealed that the mean weekly quantities of sales and purchases were Mats, 30 and 41 units (standard size 2.78m by 0.9m); Hypocotyls, 207Kg and 357.5Kg; and fruits, 162.3 Kg and 314.1 Kg respectively. The distribution of sales and purchases of mats, hypocotyls and fruits showed a fairly equitable distribution of trade in the hands of buyers and sellers (Gini- coefficients were <0.25). However, there was a relatively higher concentration of trade in the hands of a few buyers of fruits (Gini coefficient of inequality was 0.46). Results from business experience revealed that Borassus aethiopum trade has been thriving in North-eastern Nigeria for more than four decades and more people are still coming into the business unimpeded. Based on these features, its trade in Northeastern Nigeria was adjudged oligopolistic. Providing transportation facilities and improving market facilities and providing adequate information dissemination system will make Borassus aethiopum marketing more competitive and efficient.
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