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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-08Agricultural engineering education in NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.
2011Analysis of climatic factors for the selection of greenhouse glazing materials in Ilorin, NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.; Ajayi, S. A.
2006-10Assessment of crop storage structures in SwazilandMijinyawa, Y.; Mwinjilo, M.; Dlamini, P.
2010-03Assessment of injuries in small scale sawmill industry of South Western NigeriaBello, S. R.; Mijinyawa, Y.
2010Assessment of Kwara state tractor hiring unitMijinyawa, Y.; Adebayo, S.
2012Assessment of noise levels generated in some feed mills in Ibadan, NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.; Ogbue, C. R.; Arosoye, O. E.
2012-08Assessment of noise levels generated in swine production units in Ibadan, NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.; Alege, F. P.
2006-03Assessment of the Edo State of Nigeria tractor hiring servicesMijinyawa, Y.; Kisaiku, O.O.
2012-08Assessment of the noise level generated during ploughing and harrowing operations in Ibadan NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.; Akiyemi, B. A.
2001Assessment of tractor hiring services in Lagos StateAkinoso, R.; Mijinyawa, Y.
1993-12Classification and evaluation of crop storage structures in Western NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.
2000Coefficient of static friction of palm kernel shell on selected structural surfacesMijinyawa, Y.; Falayi, F. R.
2010-03A comparative analysis of barn and platform as storage structures for yam tuber in Ibadan, NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.; Alaba, J. O.
1997-12Comparative studies of temperature fluctuations within wooden and steel silos in IbadanLucas, E. B.; Mijinyawa, Y.
2010Design construction and testing of a livestock loading and unloading rampMijinyawa, Y.; Atanda, S.
1996-03The design, construction and testing of a wooden silo for grain storageLucas, E. B.; Mijinyawa, Y.
2005Determination of some physical properties of palm kernelMijinyawa, Y.; Omoikhoje, S.
2007Determination of the moduli of elasticity and rupture, and energy consumption of the oil palm trunkMijinyawa, Y.; Omobowale, M. O.
2011-12Development of a greenhouse roof cleanerMijinyawa, Y.; Akpenpuun, T. D.
2011Development of a wind rosette for farmstead planning in Ibadan environ, NigeriaMijinyawa, Y.; Awogbuyi, T.