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Title: Determination of some physical properties of palm kernel
Authors: Mijinyawa, Y.
Omoikhoje, S.
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: The Nigeiran Society of Engineers
Abstract: Experiments were carried out to determine the dimensions of palm kernel, the shell thickness, kernel and nut densities as useful parameters in its handling and processing. The major, intermediate and minor diameters of the kernel were found to vary from 26.5 to 44, 21.5 to 34.5 and 16.5 to 28mm respectively. Sphericity was calculated to be between 76 and 80 and was independent of the size of the kernel. Nut densities varied from 0.8 to 2g/cm3 while kernel densities varied from 0.93 to 1.33g/cm3. The nut densities were generally higher than the kernel densities and the variation is attributed to the large volume but lightweight of the shell. The shell thickness varied from 2 to 6.5mm. These parameters are useful in the design of handling and processing equipment for palm kernel
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