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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Accountability in education: programme for improving student performaceOnuka, A. O. U.
2010Accountability in education: the programme evaluation approachOnuka, A. O. U.
2004Achievement in common entrance examination as a predictor of achievement in junior secondary school business studiesOnuka, A. O. U.
2012Assessment as a tool for learning improvement at the senior secondary education levelOnuka, A. O. U.
2013-06Attitude of stakeholders toward monitoring and evaluation of students' research projects in tertiary education inOyo state, NigeriaOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O.
2004Causes of and solutions to examination malpratices in Nigeria:the perception of some stakeholdersOnuka, A. O. U.; Obialo, F. O.
2008-07Causes,effects of and probable solutions to examination malpractices in Nigeria: a csae study of the west African examination councilOnuka, A. O. U.; Amusan, M. A.
2012The challenge of students' under-performance in senior secondary school examinations: the way forwardOnuka, A. O. U.
2012-12Challenges and prospects of continuous assessment implementation in rural schools in Nigeria: the teachers' perspectiveOnuka, A. O. U.
2012-01Collaborative funding of university research undertaking for rapid national developmentOnuka, A. O. U.
2005-07A comparative study of the quality of the managers, teachers and facilities of private and public primary schools in Ibadan, Oyo state.Onuka, A. O. U.
2004Continous assessment as an instrument for achieving learning objectivesOnuka, A. O. U.
2011-04Continuous assessment for improved higher education achievement in business managementOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O
2011Curtailing examination fraud for improved quality assurance in the African examination systemOnuka, A. O. U.; Durowoju, E. O
2010Determining psychometric properties of achievement tests in ODL business managementDurowoju, E. O.; Onuka, A. O. U.; Onabamiro, A. T.
2012-04Differential item functioning methods as an item bias indicatorOgbebor, U.; Onuka, A. O. U.
2013Differential item functioning of economics question papers of national examinations council in Delta state, NigeriaOgbebor, U.; Onuka, A. O. U.
2001-12Distance education funding: an analysis of the centre for external studies, University of Ibadan, IbadanOnuka, A. O. U.
2001Distance education: its organization and managementOnuka, A. O. U.
2012Distance learners' time management and learning effectivenessOnuka, A. O. U.