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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An adjusted network information criterion for model selection in statistical neural network modelsUdomboso, C. G.; Amahia, G. N.; Dontwi, I. K.
2011Alternative goodness-of-fit test in logistic regression modelsNja, M. E.; Enang, E. I.; Chukwu, A. U.; Udomboso, C. G.
2019-03Application of regression type estimator in double sampling skills to students’ enrollment in Oyo StateUdomboso, C. G.; Akanbi, O. B.; Afolabi, S. A.
2015ARIMA model and neural network: a comparative study of crime rate modellingJames, T. O.; Suleiman, S.; Udomboso, C. G.; Babayemi, A. W.
2018Autoregressive distributed lags (ARDL) modelling of the impacts of climate change on rice production in Kebbi StateJames, T. O.; Babayemi, A. W.; Abdulmuahymin, A. S.; Udomboso, C. G.; Bello, M. L.
2019Bayesian approach to survival modeling of remission duration for acute leukemiaAkanbi, O. B.; Oladoja, O. M.; Udomboso, C. G.
2015Bio-social correlates of intention to use or not to use contraception: The case of Ghana and NigeriaUdomboso, C. G.; Amoateng, A. Y.; Doegah, P. T.
2011Comparative analysis of rainfall prediction using statistical neural network and classical linear regression modelUdomboso, C. G.; Amahia., G. N.
2018Comparing ANN and ARIMA model in predicting the discharge of River Opeki from 2010 to 2020Fashae, O. A.; Olusola, A. O.; Ndubuisi, I.; Udomboso, C. G.
2012Effect of attendance on performance in postgraduate courses in science and engineeringUdomboso, C. G.; Falode, A. O.; Chukwu, A. U.
2012Effect of attendance on performance in postgraduate courses in science and engineeringUdomboso, C. G.; Falode, A. O.; Chukwu, A. U.
2010Factors affecting learning in an open and distance learning programmeDontwi, I. K.; Amahia, G. N.; Chukwu, A. U.; Udomboso, C. G.
2014Introduction to probability and stochastic processes with applicationsShittu, O. I.; Otekunrin, O. O.; Udomboso, C. G.; Adepoju, K. A.
2016Modeling students’ academic performance using artificial neural networkAsogwa, O. C.; Udomboso, C. G.
2018Modelling trends in contraception usage in Nigeria and GhanaUdomboso, C. G.; Amoateng, A. Y.
2017Neural network regression for modelling the effects of selected soil physico-chemical properties on adsorptionUdomboso, C. G.; Nzelu, N.; Olu-Owolabi, B. I.
2012-11On R2 contribution and statistical inference of the change in the hidden and input units of the statistical neural networksUdomboso, C. G.; James, T. O.; Odim, M. O.
2013-11On some properties of a hetereogeneous transfer function involving symmetric saturated linear (SATLINS) with hyperbolic tangent (TANH) transfer functionsUdomboso, C. G.
2014On the level of precision of the wavelet neural network in rainfall analysisUdomboso, C. G.; Amahia, G. N.; Dontwi, I. K.
2008On the maximization of the likelihood function against Iogarithmic transformationObisesan, K. O.; Udomboso, C. G.; Osowole, O. I.; Alaba, O. O.