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Title: Teaching reading comprehension with advance organizer: criteria for the evaluation of teacher performance
Authors: Adegbile, J. A.
Keywords: Reading skills
English language
Issue Date: Dec-2000
Publisher: Department of Educational Mangement, University of Ibadan
Abstract: One of the major factors contributing to poor performances of the Nigerian students (most especially at the secondary school level) in English Language is the poor method of teaching reading comprehension. This is established from the findings of many language scholars. Considering the unique role of the English Language in the Nigerian society in general and the importance of reading in particular, it is very necessary to adopt a more effective method of teaching the subject. This explains why advance organizer- a pre-instructional strategy has been suggested for the teaching of the reading comprehension. With this method, teachers would be able to read much, read fast and understand much of what has been read. On the basis of the foregoing, efforts have been made in this paper to consider seriously the evaluation of teacher performance in the teaching of reading comprehension with advance organizer. This is an attempt at making teaching more effective. However, no attempt is made to carry out any evaluation in this study; rather, some criteria-items for the assessment or reading comprehension taught with advance organizer have been provided. The criteria-items could therefore be used by evaluators to establish the level of performance of any teacher, most especially in the area of language.
ISSN: 0795-0065
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