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Title: Gender influence on managerial efficiency
Authors: Arinola, A. A.
Oyewusi, F. O.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: "This study discusses the influences of gender on managerial efficiency of academic librarians in Nigeria. The rationale for the study was to investigate if gender grouping has an influence on the managerial competence of librarians in Nigeria. The total enumeration sampling technique with a questionnaire instrument was used to collect data from 105 respondents and 89 questionnaires were found usable for the data analysis. The questionnaire was analyzed using SPSS. The study revealed that there were more male than female librarians in the libraries used for the study while there were more academically qualified female librarians. Despite this, there were more male heads of unit and those in decision-making positions than their female counterparts. The study discovered that gender was not a factor used in getting to decision-making positions in Nigerian libraries rather qualifications and paper publications were used as determinants for getting into positions. The paper also provides the justifications for the education of females in Nigeria and that the government should educate parents and guardians on the need to allow their children and wards to take the career of their choice. Gender link is not a determinate of getting into managerial cadre in Librarianship in Nigeria. This article is of value to those interested in studying gender inequality. "
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